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The PelvicToner helps you rapidly  improve your bladder control and your sex life!

And clinical trials prove that the PelvicToner is significantly more effective than electro-stimulation or vaginal cones (pelvic floor weights) - see below.

It is the only pelvic toning device to be available on NHS Prescription.

the best pelvic toner in the world

As featured in Prima Feb 2009:
To read how midwife Claire Parry revitalised her
sex life using the PelvicToner click here.
Most women experience significant improvements within a couple of weeks, Claire was no exception!

Health guru Janey Lee Grace, DJ and author of Totally Natural Woman and many other health books, is a great believer in PelvicToner exercises. To watch her video click here

The PelvicToner is an highly effective, simple to use medical device that has been specifically designed to help you get the most from your pelvic floor muscle exercises.

Following the key principles identified by Arnold Kegel, the PelvicToner helps you identify and isolate the correct muscles and then you exercise by squeezing against resistance. 

You get instant feedback to show you are squeezing correctly and, as you improve, you can increase the resistance in stages to make your exercise more demanding.

It's so simple to use and takes just five minutes a day.


Many doctors and physiotherapists agree: PelvicToner exercises are essential

Why is the PelvicToner so relevant today?

This extract from a Sunday Times article 25 June 2011 puts everything into perspective "Many women see delivering a baby as an emotional high point and could not imagine missing a second of agonising pain, despite the fact that, according to the Lancet, up to one in three of them will afterwards suffer some form of incontinence, and up to one in six some form of sexual dysfunction. In the 266-page Nice document are figures of 64% of women suffering sexual problems six months after childbirth, and a 21% risk of incontinence. An average figure of almost £7,000 is given for lifetime treatment of incontinence, and that is still assuming everyone dies by the age of 80. And fewer than two in three of the women affected actually see a doctor. No treatment at all is suggested for sexual problems. “You do see a lot of British women with vaginas you could drive a bus up,” one woman obstetrician remarked graphically. “I think a lot of them just accept that forgoing sexual pleasure is the price they have to pay for having children.” 

Stress incontinence or Light Adult Incontinence is a major health problem affecting a third of new mums who suddenly find themselves experiencing embarrassing urine leaks that happen when they cough, sneeze, laugh and exercise. But by middle age, half of all women will suffer at some time.

Arnold Kegel first described pelvic floor exercises as a treatment option in 1948. Doctors still agree that undertaking regular Kegel exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles is of great benefit to women with stress incontinence - it is the primary course of treatment in suitable cases - achieving an 80% cure rate. Unfortunately, most health professionals do not teach Kegel exercises in the way that Kegel suggested, with the result that most women fail to achieve the benefits that are possible if you squeeze a resistance.

Many doctors, physiotherapists and midwives agree that PelvicToner exercises are essential to get your body back into shape after childbirth and in preparation for menopause - when your muscles naturally slacken and symptoms of stress incontinence become even more apparent.

Britain lags far behind the rest of the world in its approach to pelvic floor rehabilitation after childbirth. For an international perspective click here.

The ability to achieve orgasm is directly related to the strength of your pelvic floor
Very few people know that in 1952 Kegel also published some even more stunning research that has never been widely published - depriving women everywhere of a better sex life and an incentive to do their 'kegel' exercises on a regular, daily basis!

“Observations in [more than 3,000 women,] both parous (child-bearing) and nulliparous (non-child-bearing), ranging in age from 16 to 74 years, have led to the conclusion that sexual feeling within the vagina is closely related to muscle tone, and can be improved through muscle education and resistive exercise. 78 of 123 women complaining explicitly of sexual deficits achieved orgasm following the training”.
Arnold H. Kegel "Sexual Functions of the Pubococcygeus Muscle "Western Journal of Surgery, Obstetrics & Gynecology, 60, pp. 521-524, 1952

For the last few months users of the PelvicToner have been completing a ‘before and after’ survey. The results are nothing short of amazing: 

  • Only 36% of women believed that their pelvic floor was ‘good/very good’ before using the PelvicToner. 

  • After using the PelvicToner 100% ticked ‘good’. 

  • Before using the PelvicToner only a third of women said they ‘often’ or ‘always’ achieved a vaginal orgasm during penetrative sex. 43% said ‘never’ or ‘rarely’. 

  • After using the PelvicToner the results were ‘never’ or ‘rarely’ ZERO, ‘often’ or ‘always’ 75% 

Why is it that so few women appreciate the sex benefits of pelvic floor exercises?

The PelvicToner helps you exercise more effectively
Exercising against a resistance, and preferably the ability to measure the 'squeeze' force, is fundamental to Kegel exercise and this is why the PelvicToner enables you to exercise far more effectively than just squeezing in isolation. GP and sexual health expert Dr Sarah Brewer summed it up perfectly: 

“Dr Arnold Kegel reported a landmark study in 1952 linking sexual satisfaction for women and the muscle tone of their pelvic floor. In many ways, we have failed women ever since by not telling them how to do these exercises correctly. The secret – as identified by Kegel – is to improve muscle tone by exercising against resistance. People understand that to improve muscle it’s no good just lifting our arms in the air – no matter how many repetitions we do. We have to introduce some form of resistance to get good results, and it’s the same with pelvic floor exercise. Encouraging women to squeeze repeatedly when sat on the bus or to use devices that do not offer resistance, means many women are wasting their time and increasing their sense of frustration.”

Far more effective than electro-stimulation or vaginal cones
Clinical research published in the British Medical Journal recommended that pelvic floor exercise should be the first choice of treatment for genuine stress incontinence because simple exercises proved to be far more effective than electro-stimulation or vaginal cones.

Research in the US confirms that the PelvicToner exercise programme can play a major role in the treatment of stress incontinence symptoms and some physical aspects of sexual dysfunction. 

User surveys in the UK have mirrored these findings with 87% of respondents reporting improved bladder control with 4 weeks and 80% reporting an improved sex life.

The PelvicToner has been the subject of a 100 patient clinical trial at one of the UK's leading stress incontinence clinics. The PelvicToner has been proven to be significantly more effective in the treatment of stress incontinence than electro-stimulation or vaginal cones! Paul Abrams, Professor of Urology at the Bristol Urological Institute said: 

"It is 60 years since Arnold Kegel proposed pelvic floor exercises as a treatment for stress incontinence but a simple, effective method of putting all his principles into practice has eluded us. The PelvicToner seems to meet all the requirements that Kegel envisaged - it is a simple, patient-friendly, progressive resistance exercise device and provides feedback to the patient that the correct muscles are being engaged.”

The PelvicToner is manufactured in the UK from medical grade plastic that incorporates an anti-microbial finish. It is also dishwasher safe. The springs are stainless steel and should not rust or corrode.

If you are a pharmacist or you work in Primary Care click here for here details of clinical studies and how to stock the PelvicToner

  The PelvicToner is registered as a Class 1 medical device (vaginal trainer) under the provisions of the Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC

Trademark and patents: Body, Mind, Design Inc, FL, USA  

US patent 6258015 European Patent 1201270 

Manufactured under license in the UK by SPM Ltd

So simple to use

The PelvicToner helps you identify and isolate the correct muscles

You can then exercise effectively by squeezing a gentle resistance

This is guaranteed to improve the effectiveness of your exercise

Most users notice significant improvements in a 2 - 3 weeks

Just £29.99- order today

Special Package Deal
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Over 50,000 satisfied users - read what they have to say:

Even after a few days I knew that I was finally exercising the 'right' muscles and they felt tighter and stronger almost straight away! read more ...

Gladys B feels as though her life has been "transformed", after ten years of poor bladder control. First signs of improvement began within a week of starting to use the PelvicToner, and after one month, the improvement was "incredible". read more ....

My nightly workout has improved sensation for both of us - and I look on it as a kind of preparation for sex!' read more ....

After only four days of using my PelvicToner I am already noticing a huge improvement in the control of my bladder. I am both amazed and delighted. read more ....

I've become aware of the pelvic floor muscles using the PelvicToner, and, seem to be becoming increasingly 'tuned in' to the sexy sensations that produces! read more ....

I have been using my PelvicToner for four weeks now. At a recent visit to the doctors, it was confirmed there was an improvement to my prolapse. read more ....

Two years on, I can happily report that vaginal orgasms are definitely not a myth!" read more ....

I don't know if my partner thinks I'm tighter, but he certainly seems to want more sex!
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I have found the PelvicToner easy and simple to use having tried more expensive methods I found this one the best. As a practice nurse I have recommended this to patients.
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